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PINTEREST: Show me your board, and I will tell you... Pinterest. One of those social networks everyone loves…or loves to hate. Whichever side you’re on, one thing is certainly true: Pinterest is the talk of the town. At SXSW or beyond. Dailies, magazines...

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SXSW 2012: HERE WE ARE AGAIN! Here we are again! Austin the way I love it - full of Wi-Fi-draining devices, geek troops and their gods, brands fighting for their fair share of voice and Zuckerberg wanna-be's hoping this year's...

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Highlight Your Tumblr Post for $1 Let's be honest, every Tumblr user feels their posts are super duper important. And should be noticed. Not happening for you? Tumblr just introduced a Highlighted Post option that will let you make your...

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I say NO to SOPA/PIPA!!! Today is the day where many websites will or already have blacked out against SOPA and PIPA (Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act), acts that will affect how we use the internet! Not only in the...

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Social Media Policy Your Employees Might Actually Remember Social Media Policy is a MUST for any organization. This set of guidelines and rules that all staff should adhere to while using social media for both professional and personal reasons is usually long...

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Speaking Engagements

I am a passionate speaker on a variety of topics related to digital and social media and frequently speak at conferences and business meetings including Fortune 500 brands.

If you would like to invite me to speak at your event, please contact me at marta(at)princessmisia(dot)com

See what others say about me:

After discussing social media for 4 years in a row at our conference, I did not believe someone could bring a fresh approach to the debate. I was wrong. Marta Majewska smashed our conference with style and shared some really fascinating examples of social media in action. Audience could not help but to give her presentation the highest ranking.
Jan Sifra, Organizer of Internet je sexy, Slovakia

“Marta spoke at our mobile technology event on 24 May, in Paris, France. Marta’s knowledge on social media & new technologies is impressive, her enthusiasm on the topic contagious. After only a 10 minute presentation, she had our whole group talking about new trends.”

Beatriz Garcia, Organizer of Lunch Club of Paris, France

‘If you want a clear and profound presentation about Twitter, brought in an easy-going and professional way then Marta Majewska is the speaker you want to have!’

Alexander Mackaay, SM Secrets Event Organizer, Belgium

“Marta is like Red Bull to a conference. When she starts presenting, everyone gets a kick and stays alert. When she finishes, half of the room wants to hire her, the other half wants to marry her.”

Joanna Pruszynska,  CEO Headlines, Poland

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